This notice explains the personal data that KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. gather, how it’s applied and communicated, and your preferences regarding this data. We advise that you read this along with our privacy outline which underlines crucial points about our privacy procedures.

For users, KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. announces services anywhere in the world, as well as users of KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. ’s apps, websites, features, or other services. The announcement explains how KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., and its partners gather and use personal data. This notice pertains to all users of our apps, websites, features, or other services anywhere in the world, this notice specifically relates to:

  • Riders: individuals who request or obtain transportation, including those who obtain transportation demanded by another individual
  • Drivers: individuals who offer transportation to Riders independently or through partner transportation companies
  • Delivery recipients: individuals who request or receive food, or other products and services, including via KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. food delivery
  • Delivery persons: individuals who extend delivery services, including via KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC, food delivery. 


This notice also regulates KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. other collections of personal data in association with its services. For example, we may collect the contact information of individuals who use accounts owned by KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  for Business customers, or of owners or employees of restaurants or other merchants; personal data of those who start but do not complete applications to be drivers or delivery persons; or other personal data in connection with our mapping technology and features.

All those subject to this notice is referred to as “users” in this notice.