KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. goal is to establish transportation for everyone, uniquely. The Plan, faster transportation, moving safer, reasonable, and trustworthy. Transportation that generates more employment openings and higher wages for drivers.

KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. is a technology company that has built an app that links users (riders) with driver partners who offer transportation to the user. KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  is not a transportation mover, and does not employ any drivers, Users can use the KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC.  app to request transportation via their smartphone, the web, or via SMS. KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. customers can select from a variety of drivers available in his or her place.

When you use KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC., you trust us with your personal data. We’re devoted to preserving that trust. That opens with facilitating you understand our privacy procedures.

This notice explains the personal data KABOU TECHNOLOGIES INC. gather, how it’s applied and communicated, and your preferences regarding this data. We advise that you read this along with our privacy outline which underlines crucial points about our privacy procedures.